USB-C Magnetic Adapter

MagNeo is a magnetic, breakaway USB-C adapter that provides power, data and video streaming. Its connections were designed to prevent that collateral damage: the cable was held in place with a magnet that would pull away from the laptop harmlessly if dragged hard enough. Measuring just 9.1 x 23.9 x 17.3 mm, adapter brings that function back to the new Macbooks with a magnetic section that breaks away to leave the plug still in the device.

The adapter is compatible with Thunderbolt3 devices, it also will work with other brands of laptops, monitors, peripherals and Android phones and tablets, provided they use USB-C and supporting video at resolutions of up to 5K, and data at speeds of up to 10 Gb/s..

This project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, where the campaign has already surpassed its $35,000 goal, with over a month remaining and shipping is expected to begin in January 2017. The campaign video can be seen below.

Source: Kickstarter