The Make the World A Better Place Design Challenge

Electronic systems have improved quality of life for human beings the world over, from ubiquitous communications to safer transportation to better healthcare. It’s people like you, design engineers, embedded developers, and so on, who have the power to implement these improvements to make the world a better place. Now is your chance to be rewarded for those efforts in the Make the World a Better Place Design Challenge.

The Make the World a Better Place Design Challenge is inspiring the electronics engineering community to develop solutions that will make a positive impact – and awarding $10,500 USD in cash prizes to transform those solutions into realities. The electronic system you create could help save lives, time, or money; reduce waste, carbon emissions, or energy consumption; or simply eliminate nuisances in people’s daily lives. The solution – from design concept and engineering through manufacturing and go-to-market strategy – is completely up to you.



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