The Future of Space: The Predictions

Hyper-sonic flight? Exponentially smarter satellites?

We are surrounded by futuristic inventions, however it is easy to feel detached from space. What impact can it have on our day to day lives?

However, the future is bringing outer-space closer than ever before, with more technological advances being made every day.

Here are Innovate UK’s predictions for the future of space.

The development of new satellites

Looking to space allows us to predict the future.

Gone will be the days of incorrect weather forecasts, as future satellites will be smarter, smaller and more accurate.

We may assume that satellites are already a major part of our everyday lives. However, tomorrow’s satellites will be more accurate in gathering important information.

Day-to-day life

Satellites will have more uses than just better internet connection.

Floating 100 miles above the earth, satellites will be used in activities such as hiking, skiing and surfing, with GPS signals vastly improving.

It’s not just active pursuits that will benefit, but farmers also. The future of farming is more sustainable, as farmers will be able to use satellites to monitor a crop growth, or predict diseases.

Improvements in satellite imagery

In the future, satellite imagery will become even more advanced. We will soon be able to see cars and people moving in real time.

It’s important to note that this will not threaten the privacy of civilians. These advancements in technology still allow for the blurring of faces and number plates.

Mining with satellites

How can satellites be used when it comes to asteroids? We have already completed our first international asteroid tracking exercise. So, what’s next in the development of satellites?

Another use for them is asteroid mining. This will give us access to many precious minerals that can’t easily be found on earth.

Faster, better travel

Down here on earth, the future will bring us high-speed trains, and more planes in our skies.

These modernised transport options will also run more efficiently.

Motorways will also receive improvements. Using data from space, our motorways will have driverless car lanes that are monitored and synchronised.

We will also be able to travel from London to Sydney in two hours.

Travelling at 90km above the earth, hypersonic planes will travel at 5x the speed of sound. Whilst this considerable cut in flight-time sounds inconceivable, it is possible due to the future of space.

The benefits include an easily accessible world, as well as producing huge economic growth as numerous astro-ports are opened.

Life on Mars

We are constantly searching for life beyond earth. However, we are now pushing this further. Is the colonisation of Mars in our future?

Concerns for earth’s future mean that space colonisation is being considered more seriously. At the same time, huge advances in technology make it highly likely that life on mars is a possibility.

Space colonisation will allow for on-site research. This will allow scientists to make the huge scientific developments that would not be possible on earth.

Whilst this is not in our immediate future, it will be happening in the next one or two decades.

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