The first fully electric car of Aston Martin – is it going to be sporty? Is it going to be handsome?

Electric car market is going insane. Every manufacturer is trying to come up with new design and some impressive technologies to go with it in order to set a foot in a quickly accelerating market. Now Aston Martin announced its plans to build its first fully electric car. This is quite interesting, but far from unexpected.

RapidE is going to be based on Rapide AMR concept. Image credit: Aston Martin

Of course, one would think that Aston Martin is more traditional car manufacturer, aiming to please hard-core enthusiasts with loud and powerful engine roar. However, Bentley is conservative too and it is gearing up for its first fully electric car too. Now that technology is so advanced that electric sports cars are possible, we will see more and more of them, peaking out of every corner. How will Aston Martin’s proposal look like?

Aston Martin makes some impressive GT and sports cars. First electric vehicle is not going to be an exception either. The new electric car is going to be based on the forthcoming Rapide AMR concept. If you know Aston Martin cars, you probably know that Rapide is a large four-door saloon, which is not the obvious choice for a first electric car. On the other hand, all Tesla models made today and in the near future are four-door cars, so it kind of makes sense. Also, since the car is inevitably going to be expensive, people will feel better paying premium for a larger, more practical car.

RapidE is expected to look like a normal four-door saloon with some new key design elements.  Image credit: Aston Martin

RapidE concept was actually unveiled back in 2015. Back then it was said that Williams Advanced Engineering is going to be the main partner of the project and that hasn’t changed. Williams will assist Aston Martin in the complex task of engineering integration. But what about car’s character as a true Aston Martin? Aston Martin President and CEO, Dr Andy Palmer, said: “The internal combustion engine has been at the heart of Aston Martin for more than a century, and will continue to be for years to come. RapidE will showcase Aston Martin’s vision, desire and capability to successfully embrace radical change, delivering a new breed of car that stays true to our ethos”.

Aston Martin RapidE should look dynamic and rather handsome. It is going to be based on Rapide AMR concept, just replacing V12 engine with electric drive. So far no information about power, performance figures or price is revealed. But we already know RapidE is not going to be mass produced vehicles – only 155 cars are going to be made. This, of course, means that price is going to be much higher than Rapide’s with a conventional engine.

Aston Martin RapidE will enter production in 2019. Now we only have some sketches, showing the basic shape and design elements of the car. Interestingly, a large grille remains – it is an iconic part of all Aston Martin cars.


Source: Aston Martin

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