Solved – There Is A Problem with This Drive

Yesterday, I plugged my USB drive to computer. However, I received an error message saying “There is a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now and fix it.” (As shown below).

In this case, I could not access my data stored on this USB drive? NOW, what should I do? What could be the cause of this error? Is it possible to solve the scan and fix error message while keeping the original data?


What is the cause of this scan and fix error? Why we will encounter the error message “There is a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now and fix it.”

  • Disconnect your USB drive from the PC without using the “Safely remove the hardware” option.
  • Abruptly pull USB drive out from the USB port.
  • Use USB flash drive across many devices, such as different PCs, cameras or game consoles, etc.
  • File system is damaged. You will encounter some errors like “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable” or “The parameter is incorrect” before encountering the scan and fix error.

Of course, there are other reasons. However, whatever the reason, our top priority is to find an effective solution to solve this error.


Before fixing this error “There is a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now and fix it,” you are strongly recommended to transfer data from this damaged USB drive. Otherwise, once the data is overwritten, there is no way to recover them. BUT, how to recover files from drive with scan and fix error?

Fortunately, after trying several tools, I find MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help us easily and quickly recover files from the USB drive without affecting the original data because of its excellent performance, high security and simple operation. In a word, within only 3 steps, we can easily and quickly recover lost files.

Step 1: launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery, and click Damaged Partition Recovery.

Step 2: full scan the drive which shows “There is a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now and fix it.”

Step 3: save all needed data in a safe place.


In general, there are several solutions to solve the scan and fix error.

Solution 1: Scan and fix the drive

Choose Scan and fix (recommended) from the dialog box, preventing future problems when copying files to this device or disk. Windows 8/10 users will see the following window after clicking the Metro UI popup error.

On the Error Checking dialog box, select “Repair drive”. (Note: When Windows finds and repairs any errors, you cannot use this drive.)

Once the drive is successfully scanned, click Close.

Restart PC.

Solution 2: Turn to the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter tool

Experienced users will use Hardware and Devices troubleshooter, a Windows built-in tool, to fix issue on recently installed devices or hardware.

  • Click Start button.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Enter “Troubleshooter” in the searching box on Control Panel
  • Click Troubleshooting.
  • Click “Configure a device” under “Hardware and Sound”.
  • Click “Advanced” to apply repairs automatically.
  • Click “Next” button, and then follow the wizard to complete the troubleshooting process.

Solution 3: Check and repair bad sectors

As you know, if there are some bad sectors on your drive, you also will receive the error message “There is a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now and fix it.” Therefore, you can try checking and repairing bad sectors.

Now, you can turn to command prompt to check and repair bad sectors.

  • Click Start, and type Command prompt, and then right-click the Command Prompt when it is displayed, and finally choose Run as administrator.
  • Then, type chkdsk [drive letter] /f /r, and then press Enter.
  • Type exit and press Enter.

Alternatively, you can try using third-party software to check and repair errors if you don’t want to run command prompt. MiniTool Partition Wizard, a free and professional partition magic, is a wise choice for you. You can download it from the official website.

Detailed instructions:

  • Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard.
  • Select the target partition with the scan and fix error, and choose “Check File System” from the Check Partition group or from Partition menu.
  • Select Check fix detected errors, and then click “Start” button to recover mistakes during the checking process.

Bottom Line

Reading here, I guess you might know how to effectively solve this error “There is a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now and fix it.”

Please remember that if the drive contains massive important data, you had better transfer its data before taking solutions to solve this scan and fix error.

Written by Anna Lan

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