Smart Underwear Prevents Back Stress

Professor Karl Zelik with Ph.D student Erik Lamers from Vanderbilt University created a mechanized undergarment, that could prevent back stress. It is a lightweight two-part suit is made up of nylon canvas, Lycra and polyester. Two straps go down from the top section and across the back, joining up with natural rubber pieces located at the lower back and glutes in the bottom section. Usually those straps remain loose, when the user is about to lift something, they are electronically engaged by tapping twice on the chest section of the outfit, or by using an accompanying app. Then straps offload stress on the lower back.

During testing, it was found, that suit reduced activity in the lower back extensor muscles by an average of 15-45% for each task. Professor hopes to add sensors to the suit, which will automatically engage the straps when stress is detected in the lower back. There’s more information in the video below.

Source: Vanderbilt University

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