Smart Glasses For Business Use

Lenovo is looking on the augmented reality (AR) eyewear with a business customer-focused pair of smart specs and it is called New Glass C200. It seems to be targeted to a commercial-use audience. The company suggests to use it in collaborating with remote co-workers, snapping photos and recording video in 1080p, and following step-by-step instructions projected right in front of a user’s eye.

The device itself is powered by the Linux OS and weights less than 60 g. It is made up of two separate parts that communicate with each other through a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) connection. The Glass Unit wraps around a user’s head and holds a small screen in front of their right eye that can display content-specific information. The Pocket Unit, the brains of the operation can be kept in a pocket. This unit also plugs into a smartphone for extra processing oomph through the accompanied app.

To identify what the glasses are looking at, Lenovo has developer an AI which uses a neural network type of intelligence. The system can recognize 20 different types of objects. It analyzes the data from the camera, other sensors and acts like an assistant, providing step-by-step directions and instructions for repair, identify disabled equipment and troubleshoot issues with a remote colleague all while the hands are free.

A part of smart solution Lenovo unveiled visual editing software, which lets users at none developing skills to create and edit AR content. This could be useful for interior designers and architects, they could create wild designs while keeping one eye on the space they have to work with.

Mass production of Lenovo New Glass C200 is expected to start in June 2017.

Source: Lenovo