Portable Laser Engraver

Most of laser engravers are big and bulky units, a new laser engraver from Taiwan based startup Mulherz makes it small and portable. You can put it in the palm of your hand and control via smartphone app. It is named Cubiio and measures 5 cm along each side and weights only 150 g. It features a semiconductor blue laser that can be outputted at 100 different levels, up to 800 mW and the unit needs to be placed at a distance of 150 to 160 mm from the object to be engraved.

The device is attached to a tripod and can work on materials in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. It also etches designs on various materials, including leather, wood, acrylic and metal, it will also be able to cut through thin pieces of paper, cardboard, fabric, leather and wood.

The Cubiio employs two current-driven motors to move two internal mirrors that deflect the laser beam along X and Y axes. It’s capable of a resolution of 152 to 254 dpi, the working area of the Cubiio is at 10 x 10 cm. To ensure itslef, that you got the device on target, laser will project a weak beam for preview and show the planed trajectory. Designs can be created in the Cubiio app or uploaded in either BMP or G-Code file formats.

Currently the Cubiio is the subject of successfully funded Kickstarter campaign and it can be seen in action in the video below.

Source: Kickstarter, Muherz

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