Opel Vivaro Life – the ideal camper and recreational van

Opel recently announced two passenger version of the Vivaro van – Tourer and Combi+ should be practical and spacious vehicles. However, we are more interested in Vivaro Life camper and leisure van, which is basically a motel on demand. There is something very appealing about carrying your own home around and Vivaro Life seems to be able to deliver such opportunity.

Perfect for camping trip or weekend escape – the third row seats can be transformed into a bed in a matter of seconds. Image credit: Opel

All three new versions of the Opel Vivaro van are supposed to be comfortable, flexible, functional and well-equipped. Opel says that Vivaro is going to remind a car and not a utilitarian van. It is evident in the styling, comfort equipment and assistant technologies. People will have to choose a version which is the most suitable for their needs. However, we reckon that Vivaro Life is the most interesting one.

Big motor homes are very nice and luxurious. However, they are not that practical. You cannot use them for anything else than travelling and they are hard to drive through cities and, of course, they are extremely expensive. Vivaro Life is a simple camper and recreational van, which allows people to take longer trips with overnight stays in the van. It has three rows of seats that are very comfortable and flexible in layout. The second row seats are swivelling and can face the third row – you can enjoy a nice meal with your companions. The third row of seats can be transformed into bed in a matter of seconds.

Ports for charging devices are dotted around the cabin, there is nice LED lighting and, if buyers check the right boxes in the options’ list, there may be a nice table and an additional heater. Even the standard version has air conditioning, six-way adjustable seats with armrests, a number of airbags and a parking assist system, which is necessary in a vehicle that long.

The middle part of the van is suited for eating, working or simply having a good time socializing with your companions. Image credit: Opel

Exterior of Vivaro Life does not differ much from the Tourer version. It features high-gloss black door and tailgate handles as well as side-view mirror housings, extra dark tinted windows, two-tone alloy wheels and many other options buyers can choose. If you want to, your Opel Vivaro Life may even have leather seats, which in adventure van is kind of an unexpected luxury.

There isn’t much else to say. This is a nice van for active people. It is not a motor home, but it is nicer than a tent. You can cross continents with it and enjoy every minute of the trip.


Source: Opel

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