One country is about to become the first CO2 free state in the world – find out which one

Imagine a country without a single car powered by fossil fuels. Sounds like a dream, doesn‘t it? However, for many European states it is a goal and not for such a distant future. But we already know which country is going to be CO2 free first. Care to take a guess?

Many people would’ve guessed Norway or another Scandinavian country. Some might have mentioned Netherlands or another smaller Western European country. However, the real answer is not that surprising when you think about it – it is Vatican. The smallest state in the world is going to go CO2 free sometime in the near future and it is already making the first steps towards this important goal.

Pope Francis was glad to take the keys of the new Opel Ampera-e – a capable electric car. Image credit: Opel

Making an entire country to use only sustainable energy and transport is not an easy task by any means. However, Vatican is so tiny that it really seems possible, if there is will. Obviously, Vatican’s energy comes from the city of Rome in which it is situated. The size of Vatican City is just 0.44 square kilometres, mostly taken by a large garden and St. Peter’s Square. However, there are some large buildings, which, of course, consume a respectable amount of electricity. Cars are not completely unseen in Vatican either, but if you visited this tiny state recently you might have noticed that most of them are indeed electric or at least hybrid.

Police cars are hybrid, some other visiting vehicles are too. And it is not a coincidence – Vatican is trying to become the first CO2 free country in the world. Electric mobility is an important part of that so now Opel is stepping in, presenting a brand new Opel Ampera-e to the Pope himself. Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann said: “We are proud that we as Opel can contribute to the ambitious goals of the Vatican City. Our new Ampera-e will make electric mobility feasible for everyday use without any compromises”. And you can see in the picture that his Holiness Pope Francis is happy to take the keys.

Opel Ampera-e is an affordable and rather capable electric car. Sure, it is not the fastest car in the world and does not really want to take a bite from Tesla’s part of the market, but it does have some respectable features. For example, its range is 520 kilometres on a single charge – approximately 100 more than its closest competition.

It is inspiring that soon one country will be CO2 free. However, let’s be real – Vatican is the easiest country to reach this goal in. Hopefully other states will follow the example and will lower their carbon emissions. Maybe just not completely – we still love our petrol-powered cars and motoring joy.


Source: Opel

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