Most interesting concepts from Hyundai – cars are not everything

Car companies are big technological organizations so it comes as no surprise that vehicles are not the only products they make. Hyundai recently listed its most impressive non-car creations. The list if full of interesting ideas and concepts from bobsleigh to an egg-shaped mobility device, but which one do you find the most interesting?

“My Baby” competition aims to explore creative potential of Hyundai’s designers. Image credit:

The bobsleigh is actually not that much of a strange idea – Nissan once built a bobsleigh too. Hyundai decided to make one because of participation in the World Rally Championship – company wanted to try its hand at making other fast vehicles. Hyundai will also make a bobsleigh for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Another interesting device is a Hyundai’s wearable robot. It is a 50 kg exoskeleton, aimed at improving mobility of old people as well as allowing paraplegics to walk again. This wearable robot provides additional strength, which means that it could also be used in industry in order to decrease fatigue and workplace injuries.

E4U is a personal transportation device. Image credit:

Hyundai also made an interesting egg. More precisely, an egg-shaped mobility device called E4U. It is exactly what it sounds like. Driver puts the top of the egg on his head to act like a helmet, gets in the vehicle and then steers it using his body movements. Egg moves around on a ‘rotating semi-spherical part’ instead of wheels. It is unlikely we will ever see this concept in a production line.

Hyundai Gator is a hydrogen-powered drag racer. Image credit:

Of course, Hyundai is still a car company so this list would be incomplete without some kind of extremely weird car, not meant for ordinary streets. So what about a drag racer? “Hyundai Gator” is exactly that. It was inspired by historic drag racers, but there was nothing old-school about its technology. “Gator” (name was probably given because of its wedge shape) is powered by hydrogen fuel cell. Low hood is hiding hydrogen tanks and electric motors are located in massive rear wheels. Hyundai is still working on hydrogen technology, but in a more usual package of ix35 Fuel Cell.

Hyundai is loaded with crazy ideas. In fact, company launched an internal competition called “My Baby” in order to boost the creativity of company’s designers. They have been given a complete creative freedom and could create futuristic project. How crazy are they? Well, they include human android robot, a flying suit, amphibious transportation, an ocean purifying unit, and a moving city.

Hyundai is a very innovative car company. It is likely we will see many more interesting concepts in the future. One might wonder, why automotive companies are bothered to spend time and money on concepts they know they are not going to sell. But it is a way of exercising creative thinking as well as search for new design languages and ideas.