McLaren 570S for the little one – British supercar brand introduced a fancy push car

McLaren is one of those automakers that do seem to have a sense of humour. All major car brands are presenting lines of accessories and merchandise – that is not new. But they usually stay somewhat silent about it. Not McLaren though – British supercar manufacturer has just presented a new open top car and it is meant for babies.

McLaren has a line of products meant for children. There is actually a small electric P1, but not every child can play with it – for some it is just too big. However, McLaren has a perfect solution for this problem – the revolutionary 570S Step2 Push Sports Car. It basically fulfils the functions of a conventional stroller and even has a handy storage area under the seat, but is smaller and more convenient to use. Of course, it is designed with a little bit older toddlers in mind – ones that are not going to fall asleep behind the wheel.

570S Step2 Push Sports Car is a convenient and stylish way for the baby to rest his feet. Image credit: McLaren

Parents will be able to store some snacks and other accessories that come with a baby. And the child will be happy to sit in such a good-looking sports car. Step2, manufacturer of the toy, is actually a big name in push car industry. In fact, McLaren compares this brand with itself – as McLaren is a pioneer in carbon fibre use in supercars, Step2 worked on perfecting push cars for many years. One of the main design objective was of course to mimic the shapes of the 570S.

It is really interesting to see how McLaren looked at this project. While it is just a simple little plastic thing for toddlers, automaker wanted to make sure it still reflect the most important values of the brand. For example, tires are special made for this vehicle to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, while the steering wheel has a flat bottom to allow for more leg room. And, of course, steering wheel makes all kind of beeping noises to keep the child entertained. The little car really does look like McLaren 570S – overall shape is instantly recognizable and the details, such as wheels and headlights, are a complete give-away that this is in fact McLaren.

570S is a supercar from McLaren’s Sports Series. It is basically the lowest tier of models in the automakers line-up, but it is still mighty fast and impressive. We cannot really say why it was chosen to be inspiration for this push car, but it seems to be appropriate – it is the smallest car McLaren makes now, technically. 570S Step2 Push Sports Car is not going to be as cheap as other alternatives – its RRP is 80 USD or 67 euros.


Source: McLaren

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