Land Rover presents a tiny cabin – it can keep two people very warm and cosy

Car manufacturers love Christmas time, because they can unleash their full advertising potential. Now Land Rover has built a tiny cosy Christmas cabin. Two people can sleep in it and it will protect them from temperatures as cold as 20 degrees Celsius below zero, but it folds down to fit in the rear of the top-selling Discovery Sport.

Warmth and cosiness for two. Image credit:

Where does Santa Claus sleep if wants to go camping or finds himself lost in a cold winter blizzard? Well, if his sleigh is the Land Rover Discovery Sport he can fit an entire cabin in its back. Surely, there is no practical reason for it as he could just sleep in his car, but it is still a fun and interesting way to advertise practicality of this compact SUV. 1,698-litre rear load capacity, which is very impressive, but not enough to fit everything. So Land Rover engineers (most likely, marketing specialists) had to put some bits of the cabin in some other cubbies dotted around the car.

Although it is just a cool advertising trick, the cabin is actually very real. Engineers made virtual models of the cabin, making sure it folds down into a shape that fits in the back of the Discovery Sport. Danish architecture company LUMO helped them to build the cabin from environmentally-friendly materials. Of course, the cabin takes a lot of inspiration from the Discovery Sport – it has an optional tailgate seat on the deck, wide horizontal door opening and the height of it is also matched to the ride height of the SUV. The cabin has solar charger on the roof, but some of the devices can be connected straight into the Discovery Sport’s 12V power socket. The Christmas cabin was even tested in Land Rover’s own cold climate chamber, to make sure it will withstand harsh winter conditions.

The cabin is built from sustainable materials – mostly wood. Image credit:

Although it may look like a joke, this cabin is real. Land Rover says it will be used in some events and projects in the future. However, its main purpose, of course, is advertising brand’s most popular SUV. Company managed to sell 100,000 Discovery Sport vehicles so far in 2016. It is quite an impressive number, having in mind it is not a cheap car. But it has lots of character – it is designed to suit active people, who move a lot and need some extra load capacity.

Land Rover’s Christmas cabin fits snuggly at the back of impressively spacious Discovery Sport. Image credit:

Will someone sleep in Land Rover’s Christmas cabin? It is likely that brand will perform some tests and someone will spend a couple of cosy nights in there. The usual campers will probably keep their much more compact tents.

Source: Landrover