How to Fix Windows Can’t Boot after Deleting System Partition

When you install Windows on a clean formatted disk, it first creates a partition on the disk at the beginning of the hard disk. This partition is called the System Reserved Partition. Thereafter it is used to balance unallocated disk space to create for you a system drive and install the operating system. If you accidentally or intentionally delete the logical disk on which the operating system is located, this would lead to the “windows can’t boot” situation. Certainly, this would make you feel helpless and desperate.

But can anything be done about that?

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This post will be introducing the use of MiniTool partition wizard to restore deleted system partition and reinstall Windows without losing personal files.

Disclaimer: please always make a backup copy of your files before using any of the advices provided here. If not sure or if the information backup is not possible, seek a qualified assistance before proceeding on your own!

1. Using MiniTool partition wizard V10.2 to recover the deleted system partition

MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition is frequently used to manage partition without operating system, such as to rebuild MBR when system can’t boot, to restore partitions when partition table is damaged or partition is accidentally deleted, and so on.

Step 1: Once the bootable disc is created, please start your computer from this disc. After a successful startup, you can enter the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Here, please select the disk where system partition was originally located and choose “Partition Recovery” function from the left side.

Step 2: Then, set scanning range for the selected disk from 3 ranges and click “Next”. If you haven’t created a new partition after partition loss, you can try choosing Unallocated Space since it costs less time. Otherwise, choose Full Disk.

Step 3: Next, set scanning method for the selected scanning range and click “Next”. You can try choosing Quick Scan at first because it requires much less time. If this method fails to find needed partition(s), go back to this interface again and choose Full Scan.

Step 4: Once partitions that MiniTool Partition Wizard detects are listed, please check all useful partitions, both existing and lost/deleted, because unchecked partitions will be lost. And click the “Finish” button.

Step 5:  After finishing the partition recovery, there is one thing you should do. And that is to select the recovered system reserved partition and set it active.

At last, click the “Apply” button to make all changes finally performed.

After recovering system partition, you should be able to boot Windows again.

2. Reinstall Windows

Windows reinstallation is not an easy thing. If you are not very clear of steps to install Windows, you can refer to the post How to Reinstall Windows 10 without CD/USB Easily (3 Skills) to get some instructions.

Windows can’t boot after deleting system partition? Now, you can try above methods to recover deleted system partition, repair EFI partition/system reserved partition or reinstall Windows to fix unbootable Windows 10 if it can’t boot after you accidentally deleted system reserved partition or EFI boot partition.


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