Honda Sports EV Concept – mysterious car we wish to see on the streets

All major car events nowadays revolve around the subject of electric vehicles. Tokyo Motor Show 2017 was no exception. Honda revealed its future electrification plans and unveiled an adorable Sports EV Concept. It is small sporty coupe with styling similar to the one of Urban EV hatchback concept we‘ve seen before. But will it go to production?

Honda Sports EV Concept features clean lines and retro-inspired looks. Image credit: Honda

First of all, Honda revealed a bit of information about its future plans. Obviously, electric cars now are hugely important and so Honda plans that every model in its range from now on will have an electric version. That is a big step, making electric powertrain just another option by petrol and diesel engines. However, Honda also showed one of the stars of the Tokyo Motor Show – Sports EV Concept.

Wide hips and overall proportions show that this is going to be a sporty vehicle. Image credit: Honda

Sports EV Concept is a small (think of Mazda MX-5 size) coupe with athletic stance and retro-inspired styling. It does remind us the old S800 coupe a little bit with its round headlights and long bonnet proportions. It features clean, simple lines and rounded corners.  Just from the looks of it, it seems it should be front-engined and rear-wheel drive, although it is an electric car, which pretty much means that motors would be at the back.

Sports EV Concept has several displays on the exterior of the car. Image credit: Honda

Sports EV Concept also has some displays on the outside of the vehicle. They are meant to show important information for other drivers, but also will show charging data when the car is plugged in. The entire car look aerodynamic and, dare we say, possible. Even if exterior screens would not survive preparations for mass production and the car would need more substantial bumpers to meet regulations, it would still be an extremely nice car to have in your garage. But will you be able to buy one?

Sports EV Concept will have to wait – Urban EV is going into production in 2019. Image credit: Honda

One of the reasons why we still don’t know its range, speed and acceleration (or anything, really), is because Honda doesn’t know them either. While designers of the Sports EV Concept would love to see it produced, so far no decisions have been made. If it will reach production, it will be after Urban EV, a small city car, will roll out. Honda revealed that Urban EV will come to showrooms on 2019, so we will have to wait for Sports EV Concept. Honda is known for putting its nicest concepts into production – NSX and Japan-only S660came into market almost unchanged from their concept form.

So in two years we will have a new Honda electric car. It will have a range of 240 km, which is not much, but it is supposed to live in an urban environment only. We will have to wait and see what happens with the Sports EV Concept, but we will hold our fingers crossed.


Source: Honda

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