Home Security Based on Flying Camera

Company Sunflower System developed a home security system that includes smart lights and flying cameras. Smart lights are equipped with motion, sound and vibration detectors and are solar powered. The lights communicate with a camera-equipped quadcopter. If there’s uncommon activity identified by a smart lights, the quadcopter flies for a closer look at what’s going on and captured video will be transmitted it to the cloud.

The quadcopter automatically heads to the location of the detected event, using the smart lights as navigational beacons, and sends back live video to the user’s mobile device. The app learns, over time, what kind of commotion is routine and which is abnormal. The drone has an autopilot and doesn’t require any piloting skills. Its camera is equipped with an infrared light for night vision. The security system will be available for production next year.

Source: Sunflower-labs