Gesture-recognizing Watch Strap

Researchers from Empa (Swiss research center) introduced to a new gesture control technology, that is integrated in to a casual watch strap. The strap contains 3D-printed fibers that are piezoresistive, their electrical resistance changes in response to mechanical pressure. The pressure is exerted in the wrist when the hand makes movements such as finger-pointing. A particular gesture has a unique resistance, that is converted into command signals, which are wirelessly transmitted to the device being controlled. Waving the hand to right or left causes the controlled drone to turn accordingly, while making a fist causes it to land.

Using traditional gesture recognition systems, it requires a larger and more defined gestures within a certain speed range. This technology is special, that it can detect even relatively minute and subtle gestures. The system can be seen in use, in the video below.

Source: Empa

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