Follow Lights on the Fretboard of Your Own Guitar

To learn playing guitar can be hard, having constantly look to teaching aid and back again can be frustrating. FretX uses LEDs embedded in a learning sleeve that wraps around a guitar neck and shows the player finger positions. The sleeve is thin as a sheet of paper and is slotted under the strings at the nut. A marker on the front of each strip ensures correct alignment and the lower ends are secured to the back of the neck with adhesive. The upper part of the sleeve is wrapped over behind the neck and secured with a plastic box containing the electronics and battery.

An accompanied app for iOs and Android is created to connect sleeve via Bluetooth. It helps the students to follow light positions to fret a chord from a selected song. It also uses a sound recognition technology to determine what the student is playing in real time to track learning progress. The app also includes modes practice routines, and is capable of demonstrating chords from YouTube videos on the FretX channel.

It should be enough to give learners access to over 90 chord shapes, run through 20 exercises, get to the grips with a few scales and play along of plenty of songs. Users can expect up to 48 hours of continuous play from a replaceable cell battery, and the sleeve is designed to fit most acoustic and electric six string guitars. It works for right- and left-handed players.

The project is currently raising production funds on Indiegogo. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in May 2017. The system is introduced in the video below.

Source: Indiegogo