Custom design your Nikes using augmented reality

Nike is one of the most innovative companies in the world. It partnered with Apple to build a step tracker in 2006, and launched a GPS-powered running app in 2010, and a step-tracking wristband series, the Nike+ FuelBand, in 2012. Recently, it developed a shoe with self-lacing technology inspired from the Back to the future series.

According to a recent patent, Nike now plans to allow users to design their own shoes…using augmented reality.

Already, Nike has a shoe design site, NIKEiD, where shoppers can customize various aspects of the shoes and other products.

But now Nike plans to take it to the next level.

According the patent, shopper holds a shoe-shaped object in his hand. Then a head mounted display allows the user to create designs on the foot model in augmented reality. Nike can provide the foot model itself in augmented reality.

The head mounted display presents an editing program with a tool palette. Shoppers use a pen to select tools from the tool palette and lay the graphics on the shoe object.

Once the shoe is designed, the shoppers can order the shoe.
Going forward, Nike could allow shoppers to select advanced features like including Nike Plus Sensor or even the self-lacing feature in their custom designed shoe.

Patent Details:
US 20110205242 A1
Augmented Reality Design System
Publication date – 25 Aug 2011
Priority date – 22 Feb 2010
Inventors – David Y. Friesen
Assignee – Nike, Inc.
Family Members – CN103038771A, EP2539838A1, US8947455, US9384578, US20150109322, US20160203647, WO2011103272A2

Source: Patent Yogi