BMW Active Hybrid e-bike – high-tech bicycle with a hefty price tag

A bicycle can be a very good mode of transportation in contemporary cities. You want your bike to be agile, high-quality and dynamic in character – that is what BMW is known for. And so the new BMW Active Hybrid e-bike looks like a very attractive package. How about a bicycle that has a USB port for your phone?

BMW Active Hybrid e-bike looks sharp and is high-tech – it even has four different power modes. Image credit: BMW

BMW Active Hybrid e-bike is an electrically assisted bicycle, capable of 25 km/h. With a 504 Wh battery it has an assisted range of up to 100 km. It electric motor produces 250 W and 90 Nm of torque. And you can still pedal it as a normal bicycle if you want to. Electrically assisted bicycles are getting increasingly popular, because they do provide some health benefits, allow people to stay outdoors for longer and more comfortable time, and yet are easier to handle in uphill situations. BMW Active Hybrid e-bike is also quite futuristic.

This bicycle has four different power modes that can be selected on a new display. And then there is Bluetooth capability and even an USB port for your phone. It looks the part as well. BMW Active Hybrid e-bike has a hydroformed aluminium frame with elegantly integrated removable battery and the motor. Just by looking at it you wouldn’t even know it is an electric bike. That is until you noticed unusually thick frame where the battery resides. Then there are LED lights, seamlessly integrated into the rear mudguard and mounted over the front wheel. Speaking of wheels, the spoke arrangement is unusual with several clusters of spokes interrupted by larger gaps. Looks cool.

Removable battery makes the recharging easy. Image credit: BMW

BMW also though of the essential features of the bicycle. For example, it has a convenient fiberglass handle – electric bikes are heavy and so carrying it ergonomically is important. BMW Active Hybrid e-bike has suspension in the front and both disk brakes. While you couldn’t see it in the pictures, this bicycle should have a pretty comfortable seat as well. There are three zones of padding in the saddle, filled with different materials, such as gel. And he bike overall looks nice, especially in black, but there is an obvious problem.

And that problem, of course, is the price. BMW Active Hybrid e-bike costs 3,400 euros. This is a tremendous amount of money even for such a nice bicycle. It has aluminium frame and is still more expensive than some competitors. However, it should be very reliable and easy to live with. So that premium for the respected badge may be worth it for some people.


Source: BMW

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