Battery That Can Charge An Electric Car In 5 Minutes

To charge an electric car takes to long and it is a slow process, that’s why company in Tel Aviv developed a FlashBattery that can be filled in five minutes. Lithium-ion batteries has a long charging times due to a safety and accelerated wear. The company demonstrated the tech in a smartphone.

The FlashBattery to deliver fast charging use nanodots, which are chemically synthesized peptide molecules. They form the basis for a multi-function electrode, allowing supercapacitor-style rapid charging with a slow discharge. The chemical compound isn’t flammable and has a higher combustion temperature than graphite, which cuts the resistance of the battery. The nanodots are made from a range of environmentally friendly bio-organic raw materials that are naturally abundant and cheap to manufacture.

Fast charging is a “must have” in electric vehicles to adapt it at large scale. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Source: StoreDot

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