Automatic gearbox with a manual mode? Toyota is going to present such system this month

We have several big car shows every year. Somehow European and American ones get the most attention and feature the largest number of debuts and official releases. However, this year you should pay attention to 45th Tokyo Motor Show, taking place at the end of October. Toyota is preparing several special concept cars, including GR HV Sports.

Toyota GR HV Sports is a hybrid sports car, inspired by the brand’s racing cars. Image credit: Toyota

There really isn’t much to talk about before the official reveal. We don’t know numbers that are very important for every sports car. In fact, we don’t even know if or when the GR HV Sports would enter production. Because Toyota currently is preparing reincarnation of the legendary Supra in a cooperation project with BMW (Bavarian automaker is going to base its Z4 on the same platform), we have our doubts about GR HV Sports coming out to the showrooms any time soon.

Targa top is rare these days. Image credit: Toyota

GR HV Sports is inspired by GAZOO Racing’s TS050 Hybrid racing car, which competes in the World Endurance Championship and 24 hours of Le Mans. That’s why GR HV Sports will be powered by a THS-R hybrid system. The size of the engine or power of the entire powertrain is unknown, but we do know that it will have an automatic gearbox, as usual for hybrid cars, with a manual mode, which is unseen before.

Usually automatic gearboxes feature paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. They allow changing gears and do so in a little bit Formula 1 style. However, some people miss manuals and Toyota seems to have listened the GR HV Sports will have a proper H-pattern shifter. But that’s not the only throwback from the past.

Large rear diffusor is inspired by TS050 Hybrid racing car. Image credit: Toyota

GR HV Sports will also feature something quite rare these days – targa top. It is a simple way to enjoy hair in the wind motoring and is reminiscent from old Toyota sports cars. However, it is difficult to see TS050 Hybrid influence in the design – you can sort of see it in the shape of the front and the rear diffuser but that’s about it. GR HV Sports is more like GT86 than an endurance racer.

Toyota GR HV Sports has an automatic gearbox, but it has a special manual mode, allowing shifting gears in an old-school H pattern. Image credit: Toyota

Even the interior shows that the GR HV Sports is loosely based on GT86. We can see the gearbox mode selection buttons in the centre of the dashboard as well as push button ignition switch on the shift knob under an aircraft-style cover. The entire car is stylish, but the matte black paint finish is not very practical. While it does make the car look a little bit more aggressive and unique, matte paint finishes are hard to take care of and thus it would not be carried out into the production model.

But will there be a production car? We say – unlikely. But more will be known after its official debut at 45th Tokyo Motor Show.


Source: Toyota

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