3D-printed Portable Tiny House

3D-printing firm Apis Cor in Russia showed off the portable 3D printer that it has developed by using it to build a basic structure of a 38 square meters home. Its circular shape was chosen to highlight the tech’s versatility, it looks like a usable small home for one or two people.

The printing process took about 24 hours and the 3D printer looks like a small crane, extrudes cement out of a nozzle in layer after layer to create a structure. Windows, the roof, insulation and other components were all added later by humans. The total cost for the project came about US $10.000 without furniture and appliances.

This project was built on-site with just one portable printer, which is maximum 3.1 meters height and a maximum length of 5 meters and weighs almost 2 tons. It can be transported to a building site on the back of a truck. Watch the video to see some more information on the project.

Source: Apis Cor

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