30 Brands Using Instagram Stories (Infographic)

With millions of users worldwide, Instagram is becoming one of the biggest marketing platforms. To be more exact, companies are after its feature called Instagram Stories.

Many companies decided to use Instagram Stories to bring their products and services closer to the customers. Let’s take a look at five examples of how brands use Stories.

  • Energy supplier Enel used video ads in Stories to raise awareness of the brand, which led to 56% lower cost per click.

  • Retailer Country Road used Stories to promote Capsule, reach a larger audience, and increase its return from ad spending. This led to reaching 409,000 customers, 83,000 3-second video views, and 18x return on ad spending for average website purchase.

  • Online fashion retailer Asos used videos in Stories to increase brand awareness and engagement in the USA and UK. This resulted in 3-point increase in brand awareness and 14-point increase in ad recall.

  • NASA uses stories to share behind-the-scenes footage, additional information or research, and more visuals.

  • Furthermore is using a series of images and a call-to-action on its Instagram Stories.

Check out the infographic below to which other brands use Instagram Stories and in which way.



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